Connect QGroundControl with Telemetry


I am assembling the Applied Aeronautics Albatross UAV, and I am having some trouble establishing a connection with the RFD 900X Telemetry Modem on the aircraft via QGroundControl.

QGroundControl indicated that the error is caused by the difference in version. Please see the attached photo for details.

Thank you all in advance.



That is just a warning that the radio does not support mavlink 2.0. As far as getting an RFD 900 setup up and working I can’t help, although I’ve seen multiple people fight with it (appears to be a huge pain to set up) and eventually get it working.

Thanks for your input. As long as this error message persists, I can’t establish the telemetry module connection. I think I’ll end up tweaking something within QGroundControl, for there is nothing I can adjust on the RFD 900x.

Have you tried the 3DR Config Tool? Maybe there’s a firmware update available here.

Good luck.

It seems like this thread has gone stale, but I am still having the issue – @Alex_Kuo , did you ever figure out a solution? If so, please post!

TLDR: trying to update a set of RFD900x radios to the new MavLink2 firmware

Been working at this for almost 2 full days now, and went down a deep rabbit hole which led me to install the following tree of dependencies:

SiK :
—> SDCC 3.5 : (newer versions incompatible)
—> brew sdcc (not sure why I downloaded redundant sdcc… fatigued desperation?)

—> EC2 Tools
—> activate a conda environment with python2.7
—> brew boost
—> brew readline
—> brew libusb libusb-compat libusbmuxd
—> brew gtk-mac-integration

—> Mono
—> brew mono

Ultimately, I was able to access the RFD900x settings via the screen tool:
sudo screen /dev/tty.usbserial-AL02UPSP 57600 8N1

But, I could not figure out how to update the firmware, nor could I get the python tool inlcuded in SiK to function. Later I realized that the SiK repository doesn’t even list the RFD 900x as a supported radio! This made me feel very silly.

At the very least, I feel like the PX4 documentation on SiK should be updated:

The SiK repository is depreciated (it relies heavily on Python2 to compile, has a heap of dependencies and sub-dependencies, and does not support RFD900x).