Qground control with Freefly Alta 8 pro

hello all. i need some help setting up a Freefly Alta 8 pro Via Qground control ver 1.0.6. I have not been able to succesfully connect to the flight controller through hard wired USB connection. i have power reaching the gps puc etc but can only reach connection via the 900mhz radio. how do i check the functioning of the Pix4 FC through Qground? grateful for guidance.

Would be great if someone from Freefly would chime in here. I think we need to make sure upstream QGC works, but also that any Freefly-specific software is correctly named and referenced in the docs.

I was able to connect to FC using a USB cable.
Both Freefly’s QGCV 1.0.6 and normal V3.5.2 were able to connect without problems.

thanks for the info. well done i have still not been able to connect only Via usb. i have to connect via wifi or long range radio. on another note do you know how to smooth out transitions in qground? i have increased the weighpoint acceptance and done a few other tweaks but still have a very aggressive transition

Are you trying to hook up via the micro usb c port on the aircraft?