QGC and the Yuneec Typhoon H+ & H520

The Yuneec Typhoon H+ and the H520 hexacopters are based upon the Pixhawk technology.
So it should be possible tu use QGC to inspect log files and program waypoints with it.
I heard about it on yuneecpilots.com
But are there yuneec users that use the QGC
I would like to hear from them


I have the H520G version with the ST10C remote and the iPad. I was able to run the iOS QGC while everything was plugged in (lightning cable to remote) and connected fine.

I also have the H520G but cannot get it to connect to the Qgroundcontrol app on our iPad Pro. Any settings you had to change to get it to work?

If you’re running Site Scan apps make sure you quit them otherwise QGC won’t connect. After I did this the app automatically connected. I used an iPad Mini (latest) but I don’t think it would make a difference.

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I only have Qgroundcontrol installed on the ipad. Tried it on an ipad mini. same thing. On the mini, a message pops up that the controller didnt find any compatible apps and wants me to download sitescan.

Also, I tried connecting it to a laptop running QGC. I can get connection if i connect a usb cable directly to the H520g, but it does not recognize the ST10C controller.

Also, Yuneec and 3DR customer service is non-existant and abysmal… For the price of the package, support should be a lot easier to obtain.

Yeah, support especially for using with QGC doesn’t really exist. I keep pushing my CS contact to collaborate but he hasn’t come through yet.

Perhaps the site scan app sets up some parameters that somehow allow a connection on QGC app?

So, I was able to get the H520-G to connect to QGC, but the range was limited. We were only able to get roughly 1000’ before the platform stopped mid-mission and would not continue. QGC kept saying comm link lost, but I had 71% link from the RC. Is this a known issue for this platform? Lack of range?

Also, we tried to fly manually and record video/photos with the buttons on the RC but to no avail. The HDMI output only displays the camera image, no On Screen Data. Is this another known issue?


I had the same experience, QGC won’t show live video feed and range is very limited. I am under the impression that QGC connects via WiFi alone, lowering the range of using the QGC app/telemetry/missions to the iPad’s WiFi range.

Here are some new approaches that I’ve discovered:

  1. Update to latest QGC
  2. Go to QGC > Settings > Comm Links > Add a communication link:
  • Type: UDP
  • Port 14540
  1. Want to extend range?
  • On a laptop attach and install an external long-range WiFi module
  • I used Alfa AWUS036ACH, I’m currently getting 0.5 miles
  1. Add Live video streaming:
  • Settings > General > Video >
  • Video Source: RTSP Video Stream
  • RTSP URL: (rtsp://
  1. Go to Settings > MAVLink
  • Change Mavlink Session ID to anything below 255, I used 200. This will fix the conflict between only having remote or QGC telemetry working simultaneously.

You can only use QGC via wifi – it will not work via a USB cable or direct connection via the iPad (that requires a special MFI library that Apple provides to authorized developers)

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Obviously, all these posts are concerned about the H520… I cannot find any information on how to connect a H+ to QGC… If I connect the drone directly via USB, using a Windows 10 x64 Laptop, it just finds Microsoft Serial port, but no drone… Drivers cannot be found either for the hardware IDs… Using an Android Phone Samsung M30S with Android 9, i dont know where to connect to by wifi… The camera ? - This is all what is shown to establish a wifi connection with… So if anybody is out there and knows what to do, I would be very pleased if him or her could provide a step by step guide for the H Plus - this would also help others for sure…

Yes, you connect via Wifi to the camera. On Yuneec vehicles the datalink radio is in camera

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Wonderful. So I did connect via Wifi to the camera, with Laptop and later on with Android Phone as well. But still, the H+ is not identified on any of these devices, neither I have a clou what settings to make, that it connects manually (if not auto-connecting…). I tried the Settings above by rolyexpress, but no luck. Anybody knows more ?

Have you been able to use it (H+)? I’m looking to buy one to controll via mavros, but have not found much information?