Airplane on Pixhawk 1

I am using Holybro Pixhawk 1 flight controllers. I can get six quadcopter flight modes using a two position and three position switch on a Flysky radio system ( However, if I setup the flight controller as “Plane” for an airplane model using the same method, the radio calibration works just fine, but Flight Modes setup does not work. Moving the switches does not move the flight mode indicator. Can someone suggest what might be going on? I’ve tried using a couple of receivers and flight controllers with the same results. Thanks!

Is this using PX4? I think PX4 is cut down to only multicopter on some early Pixhawks that have only 1 MB of flash space.


I suspect that someone wrote that just for me. Ok, looks like I may need a new flight controller for the airplane. Which of the current Holybro flight controllers (6C, 6X, and 6C mini) could handle a quad-plane with 4 quad rotors and a centerline airplane motor?

Any of the current ones based on STM32H7 will handle it fine.

If you want to use your older one, you would have to manually disable the multirotor modules and enable the fixedwing modules, but again, you might hit the flash limit quickly as soon as you want to add any additional sensor, etc.