Mission Planner Version for Pixhawk 1

I purchased two Holybro Pixhawk 1 flight controllers a couple of years ago for quadcopters. Now I can’t seem to get Mission Planner to work with them. I can’t seem to sort out the issues. The quadcopter takes off ok, but after that its flight is erratic. It doesn’t toilet bowl; it just responds unpredictably to commands. A guy in my flying club who flies a Cube Pixhawk says a Pixhawk 1 can no longer handle the code needed to run the aircraft properly. I can’t afford to shell out $350 for a cube when I just bought two Pixhawk 1s. Where can I get a version of Mission Planner that is compatible with a Pixhawk 1?

Mission planner it’s fully compatible with your fc.
Just perform a good calibration of all your sensors and check the flight modes you are using

hello, an important thing about the pixwhak1: check the supply voltage. having the same problem, I powered 5 volts with a UBEC through the USB slot, and it flies perfectly :+1:.


Can someone explain this flight to me? I took off to about 100 ft ok, then shifted into loiter mode. The quadcopter began behaving erratically, so I switched to land mode and brought it down.