System suggestions for VTOL airship

I have built a 20 foot airship that I fly manually with my Horus X10S.

It has 4 thrusters for movement control:

Motor 1 is a horizontal thruster for fwd/aft horizontal movement driven by an 80a blheli32 esc.
Motor 2 is a vertical thruster for up/down movement driven by an 80a blheli32 esc.
Motors 3 and 4 are lateral thrusters that provider left/right horizontal movement AND for rotation of the airship in the YAW axis (these are 30a blheli32 escs).

I am happy with its flight characteristics and wish to take the next step into automated flight.

Most important is a precise hover mode with heading hold. I would like to achieve position hold that is as good as my DJI Phantom 4 pro.

Next, I want to fly manually as with my Phantom 4 such that:

  1. My altitude transmitter ‘stick’ is commanding the set altitude, not the vertical motor power level.
  2. My ‘yaw’ stick is commanding the heading to hold, not yaw thruster power level.
  3. My ‘fwd/rev’ and my ‘left/right lateral’ stick is commanding power level until released, then position hold is re-established.

And then finally I want to set up waypoint flights similar to the way I can do with my Phantom 4 and Litchi.

As far as FPV goes, I want to install a fwd and a down facing camera that I can switch between them with a transmitter switch.

My research has pointed me to the PixHawk controllers as a good staring point, but I am unsure if I will be able to assign the 4 thrusters that I control for fwd/rev, left/right, up/down and yaw movement to the PixHawk outputs such that the PixHawk can assign them to the correct axis of movement which the PixHawk controls. So, question #1, can the PixHawk controllers be mated to my thruster system?

I was thinking a PixHawk 4 mini connected to a ‘mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N Dual Compass LIS3MDL+ IST8310’ would be the optimum PixHawk system. Question #2, is this combination good for me, if not, what would be a recommendation?

Question #3, what FPV system would be good to install for about 1km range?