PX4 or Ardupilot

okey so what I am doing right now is developing a drone that can fly indoor an airplane hangar autonomously. I’m using the Pixhawk 2 as flight controller and I’m trying to use as many DJI components. Eventually the drone will become for commercial use. So what I need is a firmware that can support DJI drones like S900, that can be used for Pixhawk 2 and can be used for indoor autonomously flight. But it seems they are both suited for this which makes my choice kinda hard. Except for the lisence I dont really see a big diffence.

Does someone have any tips, advice or same setup?
Anything is welkom!

I also posted this question on the Ardupilot forum

Too much details to be considered.
I guess you have to do your own research to find out, until you can pop up specific questions.

As a starting point, i suggest you to read this article: