ESC Callibration - not all motors starting together


I have set up my PX4 with 4 motors. When I arm and lift the throttle the motor attached to MAIN1 starts first, lift the throttle slightly higher and MAIN2 and MAIN4 also start up. MAIN3 does not start unless I move the right contol lever (that controls direction) to the top left.

I have tried ESC callibration but it doesnt change
I have tried setting PWM_MAIN_MIN3 to 1100 and 1300 but no change

I am set to manual flight mode

Any help would be appreciated

Hi, i had a similar issue with my PH4 mini.
I use QGC and not mission planner. I noticed that you must use ,with QGC ,only PX4 stack and not an Ardupilot stack (i did it in the first time) in order to avoid issues.

Reloading right stack, and follow step by step procedure, all the DC motor run in the right way!

That sorted it, Thank you @Mauro_Gatti