2 Final issues to my build

Hello, I’m finishing my HolyBro X500 build along with my Taranis Q X7S tx. On QGroundControl (QGC) it recognizes channels 1-4 and I can arm the quadcopter and lift off.But I can’t get QGC to recognize the additional channels so that I can assign a switch for takeoff, position hold, etc.

And 2nd, does anyone have a suggestion as to where I should look to connect my RunCam Dual camera and the RushTank mini FPV tx? I’m unsure where to connect the signal wire (as well as the best place to connect the power and ground wire to the PX4). And of course from there I need to figure out how to get QGC to recognize it so I can assign a switch to it from the QX7S.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you assign the channels on the Input and Mixes page of the Tranais?
Are you using companion to set up the radio?
You need to assign switches to channels in the radio.
Then QGC will see them.

I had not, thank you so much for this tip! I can’t believe I hadn’t seen the need for this in previous tutorials.

I’m going to dig into this and get it sorted. I just came across it last night but didn’t realize the significance.

Many thanks,

There is SO much to learn on this path. Just glad I could help out a fellow traveler.
What motors and ESC did you use the X500?

Thank you, I appreciate that support. The X500 kit came with motors and their ESCs, the motors are listed as 2216 880KV. I don’t have more info on the ESCs though.

I was excited to get it to lift off. I think I need to adjust the trim some but certainly getting a launch and landing setup will be very helpful. I’m actually reviewing the settings between Companion and the TX as we speak.