Yaw only in takeoff

Hi everyone,

I come from the Ardupilot world but I use the same Cube Orange FCU.

My quadcopter works beautifully and I am very happy, except that it has a small flaw: although the compass is perfectly calibrated (zero problems in flight, even in rotation on the point, and has no Toilet Bowl Effect phenomena), on take-off it tends to rotate to the right but then if I correct it, it holds the bow perfectly and no longer tends to rotate so I can fly easily… I repeat… it only rotates on take-off. Probably the FCU adopts a sort of Autolearning which constantly corrects the yaw during the flight forcing the UAV to keep the correct course (in fact motors 3 and 4 work at a higher PWM despite everything being symmetrical and the payload in the centre)
I think I need to manually adjust the Rate Yaw parameter but since I want to be careful and I’m new to the PX4 world, can you tell me the appropriate command to change?
Could it be the YAWRATE_P / I /D set??

Thanks for your help

Your issue is probably one of the rotor arms( 3 & 4) which is not in line with the opposite arm in diagonal . A minor change in degree can cause considerable Yaw effect. This can also impact flight time .

hi Sibujacob,

Meanwhile, I want to thank you because you have given me advice on other occasions and you are always very helpful. Today it is a rare commodity!

I thought the same thing but the drone is perfectly symmetrical (Payload too) and the motors are aligned even if the alignment is done “by eye”

However, I’ll try it and see what happens

Thanks again

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