Problems with drones taking off (please help me)


I’m inquiring about a slight problem after setting up the fabrication machine.

When taking off in position mode, the yaw direction is slightly shifted to the left to take off. If you turn it back toward the front, the yaw direction is no longer reversed.
Stevilize, there is no problem in altitude mode.
It seems to be a problem caused by the vibration of EKF2, but it is not accurate.

I have inquired about this matter several times, but I have not received a reply, so I am inquiring again.

Airframe: Self-made
Motor: DJI E800
ESC: 20A in use (I’ll check again)
FC : CUAV v5+
ESC Calibration : completing
Compass Calibration : Completing
Flight Log Record :

Please reply if anyone has experienced this problem or knows a solution.

In addition, please advise if there is any problem with logging.
I’ll be waiting for your answers.
Thank you.

You mean this, right? Yawing on take off?

Check the angles of your motor mounts. And try angling them, so they slightly help with yawing, like explained here, just not as extreme:

Thank you for your reply.

Let me ask you three additional questions.

It is said that the drone will take off with a slight yawing to the left when taking off, but the rotational phenomenon disappears after taking off.
Is it right to view this as hardware, or should it be viewed as a yawing phenomenon at takeoff?

Based on the hardware issue, if we adjust the angle of the motor mount, can you tell me which way to adjust the motor mount?
(Motor rotation direction and pin number.)

Considering the yawing problem at takeoff, I wonder how to approach it or what parameters to modify.

Thank you for your kind reply, and I ask you to spare me a little more time.

Think through it. The yawing effect is counter to the rotation of the propeller. Based on that you can then figure out which way to tilt it.