X500 v2 drone unexpected behaviour change

hi there,
I have multiple holybro x500 v2 and they are flying nice with default params.
Lately, I had a test with one of them, When I give pitch or roll setpoint, it started to oscillate 3 or 4 times before leveling itself, though it was not behaving like this before. There are some tiny changes but not considerable between two configurations.
What might be the reason for this issue ?
I am adding both of the logs.

No oscillations:


If you check the roll and pitch angles you will get the point, I have checked all of the params, only speed limit is changed.

Thanks in advance

Most probably , I have found the problem, from the logs it seems vibration is increased considerably. I will check it and make another flight

hi there
I have done the followings still same behaviour,.
1-Tried to decrease vibration

I have also recorded a video to show the slow oscillations, I will put the video on discord channel.

And I add here the latest log data.

I really need to solve this issue, but more than that I am really curious about what causes this.
Thanks in advance

Writing this, maybe someone also has similar issue.
Problem was the speed limit, when I changed the speed limit from 6 km/h to 11 km/h, problem solved, though I don’t know why the limit causes this. If someone knows that would help


I think , the motor output graph from one of your plots also shows that there is a balance issue on the Quadcopter. All four motors ideally should be very close to each other