High vibrations


I am new here but I have been struggling with a problem for a while, I have an F450 Frame and a DIY drone but my vibrations are very high. I have already mounted foam tape under the pixhawk other propellors but unfortunately it does not help. Does anyone have any advice?


Check if your props are balanced. Balance them (http://www.droneybee.com/balancing-propellers/ or any other guide). Then turn on high rate logging (parameter sdlog_profile) This is very high vibration indeed. Check all screws, wires, etc. but first, check your props. Also note that sometimes foam can show increased signs of vibration depending on how it is mounted, it’s density, etc but start at the props then check everything is tight and tied down.

Thanks for the information.

I have already Purchased a balance device. Weird is that the drone is flying good only when the drone is coming down then he wobble a lot!

I let you know!

Try flying with a 3S battery , just the see if it makes a difference.
If you look at the chart the motors bottom out (saturate) which could be why when you descend things are a bit off. It wants less thrust but it’s bottomed out.

Hello. Did you manage to resolve this issue? I am having something similar on my setup.