Wing-fuselage connections?

I’m not exactly sure how to categorize this and searching hasn’t turned anything up so here goes:

Does anyone know what this 15-pin VGA-looking connector is? This is on the fuselage of a VTOL 4+1 airframe I purchased out of curiosity. The wings have corresponding female connectors and I’m assuming there’s some way you would run power to the motors and servos in the wings? I’m just at a loss for how that would work through whatever this connector is.

Yes most likely, servo power and signals to motors and servos. The power to the motors is fed through the bigger connector on the left.

I did some more searching and I think the connector on the right is just a 5-5-5 D-Sub connector, which it does seem like it can be wired up with servos and such.

The connector on the left is super confusing. I think the idea is the wings disconnect from the fuselage quickly but I’m not sure how you would route power through that connector on the left.

These are closer pictures of the inside and outside of the fuselage.