Pixhawk 4 power managent board (PM07) wiring

The px4 documentation states that I should base my wiring of the pixhawk power module based on the air frame I’m using. The airframe I’m using is a Standard Plane. So there will be 6 ‘Main’ outputs coming from the the the Pixhawk 4 to the power management board. The documentation states that motors should be plugged into the ‘I/O-PWM-in’ connector and that the servos should be plugged into the ‘FMU-PWM-in’ connector.

Our plane has 2 forward facing motors and 6 servos (2-ailrons, 2-flaps, 1 rudder and 1 elevator). I’m confused how the power management board will deliver PWM to 2 ailerons when there’s only 1 input connection from the flight controller (pixhawk 4). I’m also unsure how the power management board knows which outputs connect to the motors, flaps, elevator…

This is our teams first build so there’s a lot we still need to learn.

Power management board

wing with the flap to the left and the yet to be installed aileron to the right. The is 1 motor in the front of each wing