S550 Hex, PixHawk Powering Gimbal off drone powersupply?

So I was hoping to add a gimbal, and a gopro camera + transmitter to my S550 Hex, Pixhawk. I wanted to run this off one power supply (Ive seen a few online where they added a small additional battery for the setup but I was hoping to just use existing power supply)

I am using a 3s battery
Motors are HobbyPower 2212-KV920
ESCs are Simonk 30A

I was looking at snagging the FPV 3 Axis CNC Metal Brushless Gimbal With Controller For DJI Phantom GoPro 3 4 180g for RC Drone FPV Racing.

Im not sure what additional hookups I need to provide power to the gimbal/video transmitter(before the power module?). I tried searching a bit but since Im not sure on names it makes it a bit hard to find info.

Ill continue searching youtube for now, but any assistance/direction would be greatly appreciated.

Is there like a pinout that I can added on to provide power for both the gimbal and the A/V transmitter.

The gimbals stats,
Operating Voltage: 3-4S (11.1-16.8V)
Working Current: 350mA
Comes with a 1 x JST plug / XH-2.54 Plug.

Any suggestions on how to pull power off the S550/Pixhawk set up? Or like a searchable name of a connector/splitter?

Im finding a lot of videos of ‘How to Setup a Gimbal and Camera Transmitter’. But when it comes to powering it either they skip over that part or use an additional battery for the gimbal and camera transmitter.


If you want to use the ESC’s you will need to add a DC-DC booster to step-up your voltage and there’s no need to do that.

I suggest to add a parallel connector (one for the battery and another for gimbal) or to solder your gimbal cables to the power distribution plate where you will have 3S or 4S voltage”

Ah thank you,
I was hoping that maybe there would be like a Xt60 connector adapter that went to a 2-4 jst connectors in one breakout (since Ill need another for the video transmitter)…but just using a parrallel connector on the xt60 of battery to jst connector to another parallel splitter jst should accomplish it.

Thanks for the helping out. My gimbal is coming from pretty far away and Im sure once I have that set up I might end up with more questions…so updates to come :slight_smile: