Windows 10 qgc & yuneec 3dr h520g

I can only get the H520G to connect to QGroundControl via USB. Does anyone have to settings for QGC for setting up the WiFi link???

I do have the laptop connected to the E90 camera via wifi, but still no comm link. Do I need the remote attached? We tried this via usb, but does not show up as a viable device.

That’s odd, it should “just work”. Are you sure that you have auto-connect to UDP enabled?

Are you using UDP port 14540?

Regarding the WiFi connection: Sometimes there are problems with the Windows firewall as described her

Here’s what worked for me:

  1. Update to latest QGC
  2. Go to QGC > Settings > Comm Links > Add a communication link:
  • Type: UDP
  • Port 14540
  1. Want to extend range?
  • On a laptop attach and install an external long-range WiFi module
  • I used Alfa AWUS036ACH, I’m currently getting 0.5 miles
  1. Add Live video streaming:
  • Settings > General > Video >
  • Video Source: RTSP Video Stream
  • RTSP URL: (rtsp://
  1. Go to Settings > MAVLink
  • Change Mavlink Session ID to anything below 255, I used 200. This will fix the conflict between only having remote or QGC telemetry working simultaneously.