QGC connection problem

Good day

I am having problems maintaining a stable connection to QGC from my VOXL2-powered drone. The WiFi on the drone is stable, but I get the following on the QGC:

What could the cause of this be?


Could it be that too much data is being sent and it’s struggling to keep up? How is wifi connected to flight controller? Does it go from the companion (Linux) computer to the microcontroller part?

I would go into the Analysis tools and go into the console and then do mavlink status and paste the output of that here.


The VOXL2 board has a WiFi antenna connected to it and I have the host PC connected to that WiFi network.

I tried the mavlink status in the console but it gives no output. What could the problem be there?

Which console is that?

This one? MAVLink Console (PX4) · QGroundControl User Guide