QGC serial connection


I’m trying to use mavlink-router to connect to my RFD900x radio via the serial connection and then broadcast the UDP connection so that I can connect to the CubePilot via QGC and also via python via pymavlink on a different port so that I can plot some telemetry data in real time via the radio while also using QGC.

I’ve deleted the comm link entry that connects to the radio but QGC is still creating a connection to the vehicle over the radio via USB. It looks like maybe there is an option to auto connect to any SIK radio that is found? How can I disable it so that I can instead connect to the radio via UDP in QGC?

mavlink-router version v4
Opened UDP Client [4]MyPythonApp:
Opened UDP Client [6]MAVLinkApp:
Opened TCP Server [8] [::]:5760