Why are there sooo many bugs coming up with PX4?

The topic is the question


How many is s000 many?


I just got frustrated with a part of it and posted, it was in sitl part.

Anyways, since this is open source, can’t complain about it. Moreover, i cant delete the post now.

have a good day :blush:

On days like this, I wish there was a downvote button in here.


I hear you.
FWIW There are currently 90 bugs that are not stale.

Hello @jimdgit , If you have some idea regarding the following query that i asked, pls share. Also pls reply in the original post and not here as the title here is not specific.

1.12 is releasing with lots of new features which usually lead to some bugs with the initial versions.

If you don’t need the bleeding edge of features you can use/branch from the *.*.2 or 3 version of the last major release. These have consistently been very good versions (e.g. 1.8.3, 1.9.2, 1.10.2, etc).


Is there a place where we can track the known issues? It would be helpful to prevent entering such scenarios.


Your comment is not very helpful but you are free to vent your frustrations. Whenever you want to step up and help maintain and fix issues ping me I’ll help you get setup, we are a community volunteer effort with thousands of developers and millions lines of code to maintain, we need all the help we can take.

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Looks like already got a replay, and it wasn’t even on a bug, rather a misconception on your end.

Let us know if you need help with anything else.

This is open source right. But you are free to vent your frustrations. Engineering in general is a very emotional field and I understand it can get to your head real quick. Try to take a step back and try things from a different light, changing context sometimes helps look at problems in a different way, or at least come up with better questions.

You are welcome to post on this community. We are not going to limit you or attack you. But try to channel your energy into positive and actionable requests or feedback whenever possible.


I know this platform is not to post anything out of frustration. I have raised flag to delete the topic.

it is always recommended to read the docs carefully at least from my own experience. Most of the time there has been a problem I found out later that I had missed a small step. This makes sense, you have to have some parameters arranged and done in order to achieve what you need.

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@Ranjeet I actually said it was ok to vent, we understand things get complicated, don’t worry. We are all good :slight_smile: