PX4 Sync / Q&A: May 29, 2024


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Release Discussion

Last Call for Release v1.15
Please mark issues and PRs accordingly. We plan to release it by June 12th, 2024.

Project Board for Tracking Release


Sorry I’m not sure if this is the time for this, it it isn’t I apologize, I’m brand new to this. I’m trying to make a bicopter and I used a multirotor with tilt as a base but the I cannot use the servos for yaw and roll, only for yaw and pitch is available. Do you have any advice on what to change? Thank you!

HI @rroche

How are the release notes going? Note that to some extent we have been doing these “as we go” in PX4-Autopilot Main Release Notes | PX4 Guide (main) - so I plan to rename this to v1.15 once you tell me that release is ready.