VTOL tail-sitter duo rotor with thrust vectoring, PX4 or ardupilot?

I’m building a VTOL tail-sitter duo rotor with thrust vectoring.

Does anybody have advice about about the most adequate autopilots solution for this platform (Ardupilot or PX4) ?

I guess most of people here have only experience with PX4 :slight_smile:

What do you exactly mean with thrust vectoring?

Thrust vectoring means there is control surface which vector the thrust (typically elevon)( as opposed to the tilt Motor solution)

Ah yeah so that one is supported by PX4, it’s the “VTOL Duo Tailsitter” airframe.

I am using PX4 for a “VTOL-Duo-Tailsitter” airframe. Except for some minor issues, the system works quite well so I would recommend PX4!