Which PX4 release with which version of MAVROS?

Hello guys,

Currently, I’m using PX4 1.7.3 with my drone’s ROS packages. It works with MAVROS 0.22.0.

I avoid updating PX4 for a while, for obvious reasons but of course I need to continuously update to newer stable versions when I have time to integrate my code.

My Question is, Are there any cross tracking list between PX4 and MAVROS releases for compatibility, or should I always try to update to their latest versions?

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@orhan in theory you should try to be as close to the latest stable release as you can if you want to benefit from the continuous development of the project, PX4 v1.8.2 (latest stable release) has a direct bridge to ROS2 using https://github.com/PX4/px4_ros_com

Anything we can do to help you upgrade?

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Anything we can do to help you upgrade?

No, but thank you very much. They’re specific application related codes. I didn’t know that 1.8.2 has that package, I’ll take a look at it for integration ideas.

Edit: Can I say; starting from PX4 1.8.2, one should prefer px4_ros_com to MAVROS when using ROS1 too?

https://dev.px4.io/en/middleware/micrortps.html :
Fast RTPS is not intended as a replacement for MAVLink. MAVLink remains the most appropriate protocol for communicating with ground stations, gimbals, cameras, and other offboard components (although Fast RTPS may open other opportunities for working with some peripherals).

I forgot that dev.px4.io is now more up to date.

@orhan our docs are updated as frequently as its humanly possible, we are working on versioning for docs.

@TSC21 might be able to help with an accurate response, but IMO yes, px4_ros_com is the way to go.