Where is the Connect/Disconnect button in QGC?

Mission Planner has this button that lets you connect to or disconnect from the Flight Controller.

Am I supposed to just physically disconnect the USB cable to make QGC disconnect from my Pixhawk?

It feels wrong to do so. Especially after the program tells me “There are still active connections to vehicles.” When I try to quit QGC.

If you are using a connection type which QGC can autoconnect to and you only ever connect to a single vehicle at a time there is really no need to ever manually or connect or disconnect. It just works by itself saving you useless steps of clicking.

If you turn the vehicle off, QGC will tell you communication was lost and give you a disconnect button. If you just pull the usb on say a SiK Radio it will just disconnect automatically.

The reason it tells you there are still active connections to a vehicle is to prevent you from accidentally closing QGC while say you are in the middle of a flight.

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Thanks for the clarification, Don.

I came back here to mention a rather interesting fact about this topic.

On QGC (v 3.5), I did manage to find a disconnect button. However, it will only appear if you unplug the Flight Controller (Pixhawk 4 in my case) and make QGC lose contact with the controller. It then mentions that communication was lost and on the top right corner, there appears a button that says “Disconnect”.

That is correct. I assume you are using Windows. On Windows QGC cannot determine the difference between a USB cable disconnect and just temporary loss of comms with the vehicle. Hence it prompts you to Disconnect since if it is only a temporary comms loss you don’t want it automtically disconnecting. Same things happens if you are communicating over a radio and you power down the vehicle.

Just checking if I understand what you’re saying here. (i’m on windows but could switch to ubuntu)

Is it true that QGC can not be disconnected with a button, only by external factors (turning the vehicle off, pulling out a cable, etc) or closing the program?

And a secound question: QGC will always connect at startup if you have a autopilot available on a com or udp @port:14550?

No. If you turn off auto-connect from settings then you can manually manage your own connections by defining then and connecting/disconnecting when you want from there. That said I’m not sure why you would want to do that.

Awesome, I somehow overlooked the auto connect things in the Q-options. Thank you!

The reason i want that is because i’m running MAVProxy on the same laptop as Qgc, that way i can also run MP, or MAVGcl (although i did not get that working live yet) or something else, at the same time.
I need Mavproxy to connect to UDP:14550 or “Com4” , and Qgc to a UDP stream created by Mavproxy.
It works now.