How does QGroundControl app recognize that pixhawk board is connected

How does Qgroundcontrol app recognize that pixhawk board is connected

With the two telemetry radios, one plugged into TELEM1 port on the PX4 and the other connected to your laptop with a USB cable. Or (and apparently this is sometime required) you plug the mini USB cable into the side of the PX4 and the other side directly into your laptop.

@BlackIce35 thanks but i want to know in code how Qgroundcontrol recognize which board is connected and supported by it

Ah, I see, very good.

By the VID/PID of the port as well as the some regex matching on the port description if that doesn’t work.

How can i make qgc support boards othe than pixhawk?

If you use a manual connection you can connect to anything you want.

Like i want that if i connect to arduino QGC recognize it and display device found??

I want QGC to recognize arduino as it recognize pixhawk and px4 automatically

QGC does not work with ArduPilot on Arduino boards. That firmware is too old to support.

I am begginer in this app…So i want to clarify how when we select mocklink and then PX4 all the other options in vehicle setup appear like “safety”,“power” etc…Thaknks in advance

Like in the dev guide docs and read about the QGC plugin architecture.

I tried to connect using comm link but it is showing error can not connect during firmware upgrade…

I’m closing this thread @kanishkmathur040 since we answered your original question, feel free to open a new topic if you have a new question.

I’m also sharing the following links with you, hoping you get a better idea of how QGC works