VTOL with inverted V-tail, transition and aileron,elevator problems

Hello all,

We are trying to build a VTOL with inverted V-tail. We selected as airframe “Generic AAVVT v-tail plane airframe with Quad VTOL” but we have some problems. We are using pixhawk cube.

Firstly, while we are in quadcopter mode our quad motors works fine but forward flight motor is also working while in quad mode. We couldnt stop it at quad mode. Is it a wiring problem or could it be a firmware problem? Secondly, we have two ailerons but we can’t control our ailerons and also elevators.

How can we solve these problems, as pixhawk cube is quite new, we couldnt find so much information about it. Thank you all

i think what you are experiencing is usher assisted flight. is your pusher motor on constantly, or only when pitching forward?
second, you will need to transition before the fixed wing servo’s become active