Is the airframe tiltrotor cruiseader claire OK?

Dear VTOLers:
I have used the airframe cruiseader claire to make a tilt-quad rotor. However, the plane tend to yaw clockwise during the transition and it yaws weakly during in MC mode. What is the problem?


Can you post a log?

I’m in Engineering School and I have to conceive a VTOL. Our model looks like the Crusaider Claire with Tilrotor. Does the PIXhawk airframe work ?

it does well in MC and FW mode, but it is hard to make sure its security during the transition,

Do you have a photo or a video ? I would like to see if it corresponds with our VTOL.

It would help if you could post a log or describe what the transition is like in more detail. There are a few additional parameters you have to get right.

There is something wrong with my board. the latest log i could found is the one in 2016/10/13. and i donot know how to deal with that.

I will appreciate it if you can tell me which parpmeters I need to get right. The plane can not stablize it attitude in transition phrase 1.

Yeah I’d like it Dagar,
My VTOL has 4 rotor, but during the transition, they does not turn in the same direction.
The front motors turn from high to front (they pull air ) , and the back motors turn from down to back (they push air)

I’m happy to help, but you’ll first need to share logs and describe what happened in as much detail as possible. - do you mean during transition, or in full FW mode? Have you tuned the plane?

@MomoXeturn - can you provide a lot more detail about what your setup looks like? It sounds like it’s working as a multicopter, but fails during transition?

I have tuned the plane, but it will still dances during the transition.

If you post your logs to logmuncher we might be able to help.

Hi, I have a problem with my VTOL.
In quadcopter, when I puch my roll or pitch command, the elevons are moving. Someone knows that problem ?

Hi, dagar.
I think that the current mixer is not fit for this airframe.
When the propellers are tilted, it’s frag force is decomposed to two parts and it’s torque also should be decomposed.
But the mixer ignored this.

I have suffered this problem.
The tilt angle should not be too big,otherwise it’s yaw angle can’t be stabilized.
You can decrease the tilt angle in the first transition mode.