How to fly VTOL quad plane

I test my vtol quad plane on a desk, propellers removed, I start at MC Altitude mode, the MC motors work as i expect, and then i switch to FW Altitude mode, but the push motor and Aileron keep still even I move the remote controller stick all around, only vtail elevator response to the RC.

I switch to FW stabilize mode, the push motor and aileron work, is this show that forward transiton can only be done at manual mode?

Who know how to fly this type of plane.

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What version are you using? Just to make sure we’re talking about the same things.

Also, this might not work on the bench like you describe it because it probably needs airspeed. Am I correct @tumbili?

I have disable airspeed, and set params as described in this article

I download both v1.8.2 and v1.9.0-rc0, the phenomenon is same.

I have the same problem. Did you find a solution ?

It would help if you can provide the following:

  • Type of flight controller
  • Firmware version used
  • Airframe chosen in the setup
  • Share your param file

Good luck.

I am using a Pixhawk 2.1.
Firmware version is 1.9.2.
I made a custom tiltrotor airframe
Here is my param file :
Thank you for your help

@Gorgious So in stabilized (aka manual) mode everything works as expected?

I think altitude control mode can’t be really checked still on the ground (while the system detects it as landed). You can try to move it around during your ground testing, to trick the land detector.

Apart from that, I would say first fly in stabilized mode, and if this works I see little reason why altitude/position controlled mode shouldn’t work (and if it doesn’t then you can easily switch back to stabilized).

@sfuhrer I made a test that confirm your saying where I put the drone (in altitude mode) in a car and drive around and I, indeed, have control on the elevons. Thank you for your help.


I also face the same situation. With refering to replies above, i believe to fly it in stab then position is the correct way after bench testing.

hello guys, I think I have a problem similar to the one reported in this topic … but it concerns the pitch actuator:

if I’m in Altitude or Position mode, when I switch to FW and transition begin (and even when it’s fully up, I also tried in flight) the pitch control on the elevator servos doesn’t work, only the aileron servos work during transition and after.
If I am in manual / stabilazed or acro instead, everything works always.
it seems that the altitude and position mode is not liked when switching to FW mode. When I’m in MC mode everything works perfectly.

…is this a bug or a feature?

I’m using a CUAV V5nano with 1.12.3 firmware, baby shark frame (on cuav V5 i have only MAIN out, no AUX)