VTOL tuning

I try few flights with my VTOL (deltaqaud build on skywalker x8 plane) and have some issues.

biggest problem I have is VTOL didn’t react to any command some time after transition, log is here

between 7:15-7:20 I try to turn and plane dint respond, is it quite nice visible on 3D replay, on logs is visible that, it shut be out of the transition phase, regarding of colours of VTOL mode bar. It happens to me multiple times. Any advice?

another issue is non consistent airspeed and ground speed reading, it is quite visible on both logs that ground-speed is always bigger then measured airspeed, it is some possibility to perform calibration? This probably can cause next issue a that is pusher osculation during the flight, log is here.


Probably I have to tune TECS, but first i went to figure if pitot reading is right, than try tune TECS. Here is pic of installation of pitot tube

Thanks for help