VTOL quadplane tailsitter cannot finish transition phase

Hi there. I have problem with transition and cannot find solution for this.

In transition, after going horizontal i cannot start to use elevons to control. There are some movements on elevons up and down but it does not react for elevons and throttle stick movements.
I is flying very well as copter, also starting transition very smoothly, but still i cannot fly it in plane mode. I attached my logs and screen of parameters.

I dont have pitot tube and did most of things like in manual. What I’m doing wrong?


Hi @f8h

At the moment the VTOL tailsitter code requires an airspeed sensor to check that transition succeeded, but with a small code change it could be updated to work without.

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Hi there,

are you still interested in getting this to fly? I’m polishing the VTOL code base and could help you get it working.

Hi, yes I am!

I bought i2c sensor for pitot but didnt got chance to test it (very cold in Poland).

But my vtol cannot wait

Cool! I’m analyzing your log and will get back to you after!