Vtol Configuration


My name is Weiwei, im new developer on Px4. Im trying to create my first Vtol plane. At the first time it seems quite easy following step by step this tutorial https://pixhawk.org/platforms/vtol/fun_cub_quad_vtol

However, I have some issues with Multirrotor stabilization, I cannot takeoff because is very unstable. The behavior is not correct but i connect the pins correctly, as show on the website.

I see that it could be that the motors are working in + mode and not in x mode?

Please, I need help to continue =)

Thanks you

Which airframe configuration are you using? Also upload a log to http://dash.oznet.ch/
which will help us to understand your problem.

I discovered what was the issue. The problem was the yaw stabilization.

Iā€™m using PX4 with Funcub Vtol. I realised that the bad take off is due to the yaw orientation. I think that when I move the yaw in the RC transmitter, the copter move using the compass to make a good reference, but iā€™m note really sure about that.

I started fly my Funcub, but sometimes when I take off, the orientation is not correct, so 2 motors push more than other 2 trying to correct the orientation. I think that this issue is due to the Arm system, because it should use yaw on right position.

I will share with you the log as soon as possible.

I really appreciate your help, thanks!



He is the logs of the flight. And it seems something wrong with magnetic compass.