VTOL Ministriver load


I’m Ramlan Purba from Indonesia, permission to discuss the Mini Strivers VTOL,

  1. Are the specifications I am currently using capable of lifting a load of 900 grams (lidar)?
  2. What about the lidar power input?

The following are the specs for the VTOL that I am currently using:
Wingspan: 2100mm
VTOL arm: 744mm
Fuselage height: 156mm (without foot pads)
Fuselage length: 1200mm
Wing area: 59dm2
Cruising speed: 18-21m/s
Maximum takeoff weight: Less than 7.5kg
Maximum takeoff altitude: 3000m(altitude)
Practical lift altitude: 4500m(altitude)
Wind resistance: Class 5 (normal operation)
Load compartment size: 180×150×110mm
Battery 6S@22000mah,

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This depends on what type of motor and propeller you are using.

Hi Dhruvil,

Thank for answering :pray: :pray:

For Cruise Esc :6S 120A
Cruise Motor :4120 kv 430
propeller Cruise:nylon 16.5 inc
Quad esc :6s 40A
Quad Motor :5008kv 380
propeller Quad:Carbon 14 inc


I didn’t do any calculations but the specs said it all, mtow is <7.5kg. So add all the things to some container and measure its weight. if it is less than that mtow, u r good to go

Check the quad motor and propeller combination thrust output. As you have mentioned, MTOW is less than 7.5 kg, so check whether, with the selected combination, you are getting 7.5 kg thrust at 50-60% throttle. If so, then you are good to go. If you are getting 7.5 kg at 80% or so, you can hover, but then you don’t have room for controllability.

For a cruise, check the max output speed of your propeller and compare it with your stall speed. There should be a good factor of safety between them.

Thanks bro Dhruvil,

Thanks for your suggestion, are you familiar with lidar too,how many ampere power needed power source?