Skywalker X8 VTOL Setup

I have a Skywalker X8 Elevon plane and I wish to convert it into VTOL.

Can anybody give me suggestions about VTOL and selection of appropriate materials for design changes.

Also it is weighted about 3 kg.

I want to build one like this

I’m planning to extend the wing using EEP foam and use carbon fiber rods for Quad motor setup.

Please help me with the selection of Motor, ESC, Propeller and Battery.

Also is it better to use separate batteries for Quad motors and Pusher motors.

Please reply fast and Many thanks in advance.

You can go here to read about what’s available.

You can either use one of the following airframes:

Generic quad delta VTOL
Maintainer: Simon Wilks

Specific Outputs:
MAIN1: motor 1
MAIN2: motor 2
MAIN3: motor 3
MAIN4: motor 4
AUX1: Right elevon
AUX2: Left elevon
AUX3: Motor

Vertical Technologies DeltaQuad
Maintainer: Sander Smeets

Specific Outputs:
MAIN1: motor 1
MAIN2: motor 2
MAIN3: motor 3
MAIN4: motor 4
MAIN5: Right elevon
MAIN6: Left elevon
MAIN7: Pusher motor
MAIN8: Pusher reverse channel

You’ll need to search what other folks with the same airframe have used for quad and pusher motors. You can check out what Vertical Technologies used on theirs.

I converted a similar airframe with the RVJet where I used the Generic Quad Delta airframe as a starting point then tweaked it from there.

Good luck.

Thank you very much for your fast and helpful reply.

I’ve gone through DeltaQuad still need to go through the links provided by you. Also, in their site they mentioned the BLDC motor and no idea about the ESC. I’m a beginner in VTOL and I would appreciate if you can suggest me the exact BLDC, ESC, Propeller and Battery.


From my personal experience of several VTOL conversions I’ve done, no more than 30amp ESCs were needed for the quad motors. With regards to the pusher motor, I’ve not used anything more than a 65amp but this will really depend on the motor and prop combination you decide on. For the most part, the use of full throttle is rare and when done it’s within the 10 second burst that most ESCs can handle, i.e. 60amp ESC would handle a max 10 second burst to 80amp.

The details of my RVJet is in the description of the video.

The details of the YouTube video you referenced has a build log and a build photo gallery you can reference to.

Good luck.

Thank you very much for your fast and honest reply.

All these information are very helpful for me.

As a beginner in VTOL, I request you to share an idea to configure the RC Remote for VTOL.
I’ve used Fixed-wing and Quad-copter separately and this is the first time to use the Combination VTOL.

I just noted down the changes in the Mission Planner parameters and need to try it. But no idea about RC Remote configuration. Currently I’m using Taranis X9D Plus for Skywalker X8 and using channels 1 to 3 for Elevon and Throttle and channel 4 for Flight modes.

Earlier for my Ranger Ex, used channels as default for a normal fixed wing and same for a Quadcopter.

I’m eager to know about the controlling of VTOL using the RC Transmitter.

Many Thanks in advance.


Rijun RK

I recommend that you go through the PX4 documentation at least once to get a good concept of how to get started.

Start with a new model as TAER setup. Once the Rx is bound with the Tx, the rest of the configuration needs to be done.

I prefer to use QGroundControl. Although Mission Planner is quite powerful and widely used, I prefer QGC especially for beginners.

No mixing is needed in the Tx, except for some specialized functions. All of the mixing is done by PX4 stack and the Pixhawk.

You should be able to use the same setup you already have on the Tx for the Ranger EX. You’ll just need to the channels for the transition switch and flight modes.

I do recommend you join the Slack VTOL forum to post questions and assistance as well.

Good luck.

If you’re using Missionplanner you’re probably running ArduPilot. Their forum is at
Both ArduPilot and PX4 run on Pixhawk and have great VTOL support, but the setup is very different.


I need another help. After my first crash with Skywalker X8 white frame, going to test the Black. I’ve placed components according to the VG.

Even though, can someone share an image of their fuselage setup?

Also RTL mode configuration for Auto Landing.
(both MP and QGC)

Thanks in advance

Not long ago, I just completed this project and changed the X8 very successfully to VTOL.
At that time, there was not too much guide can follow. I did a lot of research and chose a best and simplest solution. I can share it with you.

Propeller: DJI 1555 Inspire2 dedicated paddle
Motor: 3510 DJI inspire2 motor
ESc: 40A
Flight Control: Pixhawk
Use 6S battery
The maximum take-off weight is almost 6 kg. In the range of 4-5 kg, the flight mode can be switched very stably. Although according to DJI’s suggestion, this set of power can’t exceed 4 kg, but because it is only used for VTOl, it is still very stable at 5.5 kg, I hope to help you.