4+1 VTOL drone, 1.2 meter wingspan - looking for feedback

Hello everyone! First time post here.

I’m starting to build a VTOL 4+1 drone and would be interested in feedback on the following design/components for the build.

Overall design will be a 1.2 meter wing span, twin boom with inverted v tail. 4 hover motors and 1 pusher motor. Carbon fiber tube and foam board construction with reinforcing.

Here’s the components I’m planning to use:

Flight Controller: Pixhawk 2.4.8
Battery: Turnigy 8000 mah, 6S, 12C
Servos: HXT900
Hover Motors (x4): Racerstar BR4108, 380kv
Hover propellers (x4): 12x4 two blade props
Pusher Motor: Racerstar BR5210 340kv
Pusher Propeller: 15x10 two blade prop
ESCs: Hobbywing Skywalker 40amp
GPS: Holybro M8N
Airspeed Sensor: Holybro
Radio controller & receiver: Radiomaster Boxer 4in1 protocol
controller, Frsky X8R receiver
Telemetry: Holybro Sik v3 connected to qgroundcontrol on
computer or tablet

Anything majorly wrong/out of line here? Glad of any feedback, thanks!

Cannot judge it from the components, but would recommend you to target 50-60% hover thrust. Make sure to tilt the MC motors slightly to increase yaw authority, purely relying on propeller drag is not enough for VTOLs usually.

maybe a bit more torque on the pusher motor? This’s just a guess

Thanks a lot, appreciate the feedback. When tilting the motors, how many degrees are we talking - is 4 or 5 degrees tilted in enough?

i put two 1mm washers under the motor and it helps significantly.