Building a drone with a 150 lb payload

I want to build a drone with the capability of a 150 - 200 lb payload.

I am planning to make an octoquad by building an H frame out of aluminum with 8 rotors in coaxial pairs.

I have been trying to research what motors/props I need. I used an online calculator that determined the thrust requirement in grams based on a 2:1 power to weight ratio. But when I search for motors online they all seem to be in KV ratings. I’m assuming motors are the first build step but I seem stuck on how to determine which motors I need.

Contact any of the big motor companies and tell them how much thrust you want per motor and at what voltage and they’ll custom wind one for you.

@ryanjAA Do you have a recommendation for a reliable company with quality motors? Ideally somewhere in Europe.

@R3SP3CT , @roman-dvorak is one company which produces motors in that size. They also says their thrust in kg. There is a couple more you can find by googling a bit around.

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