VTOL main motor manual before arming

Hi guys, I am setting up a VTOL with JET engine and I am using a CUAV v5 nano. I chose the baby shark as the frame as I have the same configuration. Everything works perfectly, and it would be perfect if it were all electric. BUT being the primary engine a turbine motor, I need to control it before arming in order to start the turbine itself. I have 2 possibilities in mind:

1- have the aircraft in FW (Fixed Wing / plane) mode immediately, as soon as it is turned on, without the need to arm. This would be great because it would allow you to take off as a classic airplane.

2- a way to leave everything as it is, but having the full control on throttle channel so that I can do what I want with it even if it is not armed.

How to do?

thanks a lot in advance to all.

I would need to know a bit more to be able to help.
So the turbine is only providing thrust in fixed-wing mode? And to get it running you want to perform some automated steps with other actuators or you just want to start the jet manually prior arming?

About 1) from above: don’t you want VTOL takeoff capabilities on your VTOL? I don’t see how this should work if you are in FW directly after arming.

Maybe it’s best if you step by step explain how you would like to operate it, then we can discuss possibilities!

Thanks Sfuhrer, we already solved it using the arming in fw mode circuit breaker and carefully adjusting the pwm disarm/min/max on both the turbine ecu and the px4 parameters, so that it allows us to manage the turbine startup in fw mode and switch in mc mode with it staying at min throttle.

Now the main issue is the vtol mc motors starting up when arming in FW. Can you please take a look at this? MC motors starts when arming VTOL in FW mode - #2 by Giovanni_Esposito Thanks!