MC motors starts when arming VTOL in FW mode

Hello everyone,
I have noticed a strange behavior when using a VTOL (Babyshark airframe) and trying to arm it in FW mode.
I have set the CBRK_VTOLARMING so that arming is allowed when in FW mode, but when I do ARM it, the multicopter motors start too. They just turn at idle doing nothing.

The only workaround I found to avoid this is reducing the VT_IDLE_PWM_MC, so that the MC motors don’t start, but it’s not right because this affect the MC mode too, and I want them to idle when armed in MC mode.

Anyone had the same problem? Can you please investigate this?

CUAV V5 nano, V1.12.3, VTOL Babyshark airframe.

Tried other VTOL frames to see if this problem was airframe dependent, but nothing changed.

This is creating serious trouble if you need to flight test the Vtol in FW mode before trying a transition, and that’s mandatory with big planes. Can someone please verify this and/or bring it to the attention of a developer? It should be an easy fix, given that is very easy to reproduce even at the bench.