VTOL fixed wing preflight testing

VTOL fixed wing generic standard airframe ( Mugin-4 Pro 4720mm H-Tail Carbon Fiber VTOL)
4 electric motors for takeoff and landing
1 Gas engine for cruise
cube black controller

I need help with testing Flight controls and Gas Engine in airplane mode. I was able to test all motors for proper rotation and response to attitude. when I try to switch to airplane mode using transition button, I only get response from ailerons but not from elevator or rudder to the change of attitude. my other issue is how to control the gas engine on ground for testing purposes (Throttle servo is connected to AUX 5 channel).
if you need any further info let me know. your help is much appreciated

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Just out of curiosity and just for dibs, change your airframe type to QuadRanger and see if there’s any effect, i.e. all controls and throttle respond.

Good luck.