VTOL hold fix wing mode

I want to design a VTOL fixed wing uav. Is it possible to just use fixed wing mode from take-off to level flight and landing? If so, can I write any code to realise the transition between fixed wing mode and VTOL fixed wing mode or free to choose any mode? How should I start with such code? Or I just need to tuning parameters in QGroundControl? Thank you very much.

I may be misunderstanding, but it sounds like you want a VTOL aircraft that does take-off, flight, and landing all in Fixed-Wing mode? Initially that sounds like you just want a Fixed-Wing aircraft?

Or is the VTOL just so you can have the aircraft hover in place in the air?

Thanks for your feedback. I designed a VTOL fixed wing UAV. If I’m on land, I just want it to use a conventional fixed wing mode to take off and hover by quad copters. If I’m on a boat, I want vertical take-off by rotors. So my question is how to realising the transition between the two take-off mode. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. So I should start with the VTOL module in PX4 firmware? Or code my own plugin?

I believe all you want to do is already supported and built-in the PX4 stack. Start here: https://docs.px4.io/master/en/frames_vtol/

Good luck.

Yeah, thanks @rollys, my information was dated. It looks like you should be able to use parameters to configure you VTOL to do what you are looking for.