Help developing a tilt-quadrotor that transitions to a twin motor plane

Is there a suitable flight mode for the described vehicle in PX4? If not how would we go about developing one? We are thinking about disabling the back propellers while the vehicle is in plane mode. Is this possible or even a good idea? The vehicle does not have wings but instead the body acts as one.

We are very new to this. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @Joannis_Pouliou , Im curious to see if you received any feedback regarding this issue. I have a similar situation. I am starting to work with a VTOL that makes the transition tilting two motors. My intention is to simulate first in gazebo. There is already a vtol supported for Software and Hardware in the Loop with PX4, and there is a tiltrotor supported just for Software in the Loop but it tilts all the 4 motors. I was wondering how far did you go and if you have some guidelines about what you did.