VTOL Frame hint for beginner

Hi all,

I would like to get some knowledge in the AREA of VTOLs. Do you have any suggestions for a cheap but usable VTOL Frame where I could get some “Hands on”? I do not have any requirements on the frame and it may be a DIY-Frame.

Thanks for any feedback.

Bind & Fly: https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/airplanes/airplanes-14501--1/bind-n-fly/convergence-vtol-bnf-basic-efl11050

Only draw back is that there is little space to do some modification.

Hi Alexandre,

thanks for the link. Maybe I should be a bit mot specific. It should be a Pixhawk Flightcontroller in order to gain some Experience with VTOL Configurations. If it is possible to adapt the Product to take a Pixhawk this would be a possible way to go.

Sorry I should have been more clear, you can use the e-flight convergence airframe with the px4 flight stack.

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I’m working on a new toy and if it works you can all have one. I decided to make a convergence clone at twice the size. I should have cad plans for foamcutting done this week, then I’ll need to find someone to cut the wings and fuse. I may just rough cut the first prototype. I kept hoping someone else would make a much larger plane/drone, but only commercial stuff is available.

The reason I’m posting is because I may end up with a new design instead, most likely with one prop in front and two i back. Can the current code hand le that? I will post images / files when they are ready.

So in the End, this is what we did. Volantex Ranger EX with 4 Motors, as described in the PX4 Docs page :wink:

It’s a good choice. Lots of capabilities for different kinds of payloads, if that’s your intention. I did one about a year ago. If you haven’t yet seen or run across some of this, you might want to consider some of these mods.

  • Guy wire mod. The wing twists considerably during transition from MC to FW.
  • Start with the CG 10mm farther back than stock and work your way from there. I think mine is already at 15mm farther.
  • Changed my prop to an APC 10x5P. The theory is based on this and this and this.
  • Reinforce the motor mount.
  • You can see the evolution of mine here.

Looking forward to some video of yours.

Good luck.

Just have a small one of my 2nd Front-Transition :wink:

It is ok just with Stock-Values, don’t you think?

Yes, it looks good. Maybe you provide more specs of your build, firmware, etc.

Good luck.

Just curious how your project is progressing.

Good luck.


I was following the Guide on PX4 but noticed that some parts are no longer available. So I used NTM 28-36 1200kV for the Lift Motors with HobbyKing 10x5 Thin E-Props. They are driven by DYS XSD 30A V2 ESC with BLHeliS. Flightcontroller is a Dropix from Drotek as well as the GPS (uBlox 8M from Drotek). The Airspeed Sensor is from mRo. Flight Battery is a 4S 3500mAh LiPo.

Mechanically the construction is very close to the PX4 Page. No reinforcements so far (except the carbon Plate reaches from the Lifter-arm to the nacelle), but I have seen that it would be good make the whole construction a bit more rigid.

Firmware was PX4 1.7.3 Master Build.