Convergence with pixhawk4

hello everyone.
I am a student studying Vtol type airframes. I bought Convergence for the study a few days ago.
Now I’m trying to set a Pixhawk4 on Convergence.

I have some question. please give me little hope.

  1. Is it possible to use Pixhawk4(FCC+GPS+Power module+…) with convergence?
    -I am afraid that flying will become impossible because of the heavy weight of the aircraft.

  2. If I make the convergence-like shape of the airframe and use the same firmware, is it possible to fly with only parameter modifications?

have a good day!


  1. The flight controller / power module isn’t too heavy.

  2. Yes, there are a lot of different aircrafts that has the same airframe with the convergence VTOL with different geometries

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Regarding nr2.
Thats exactly what i am doing. I am pretty much using the convergence config and mixer files and tuned the pids and parameters for my frame. VTOL Hover teesting (PID Tuning)
I have not flown it in fixed wing mode yet though. Hovering is alright.

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  • Thanks for your reply!


  • Thanks! Can i request your airframe specification and PID data?
  • Then, did you fly CTOL mode successfully?

Hi @Thomas.leitgeb & @Sejin_J , I’m trying to do a similar project also. The only difference with mine is that unlike the convergence my airframe is of a standard plane configuration, with aileron, elevator and rudder control. But it still has three motors, in a similar configuration to the convergence, with the rear being fixed and the front wing mounted rotors both tilt.
I was wondering if you knew which model is best to start with, would it be ok to start with convergence and change parameters or is there a better suited approach for this?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Ben_Parrish I am also designing similar thing as you described.
Vertical flight was successful and waiting for transition to forward flight.
If everything works fine, I would share my scripts and process I had gone through.

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@Kyuhyong_You, Brilliant! Did you also start initially with the convergence model and change it?
Yeah that would be really helpful if you could, thanks!