VTOL does not transition in Mission Mode

I have custom VTOL and transition test and flight test has been done but, after some flights, the VTOL does not transition in Mission Mode.

It just take off and stay in the air so, we made a transition through Transition switch with flight mode change. It happens sometimes and I do not know why.
Do you have any suggestions?
I just set the transition heading as default.

I can share the log file but, in this forum I could not find attaching menu.

@Raphael_PK Could it be that it is continuing the previous mission, and not restarting the mission from scratch?

You can upload the flight log to review.px4.io and link the flight log here

Hello Mr. Lim,
I am attaching flight log link below:


Thank you.

@Raphael_PK Can you clarify whether the vehicle was trying to continue the previous mission? Did you re-upload the mission after the previous flight?

I re-uploaded the mission after previous mission and executed reboot.

I don’t see what you mean from the log file. There I see it getting the transition command (ID 3000) two times, and both times it transitions.

Was it supposed to transition already before? Which mission items did you add? Can you share the mission plan file as well?

Hello sfuhrer,
Please find sharing link the mission file on my OneDrive Cloud.


I hope this is helpful.

Thank you.

Thanks for the plan file. I’ve tried multiple times to reproduce with your plan and the same sofware version that you use, so far without success.
It looks like it’s some issue with the “align heading before transition” step. You could try if disabling weather vane helps (WV_EN = 0), or increasing MIS_YAW_ERR to 30 or more.

Also I would recommend you to update to PX4 1.14.

Thank you, sfuhrer.
I remember that, at the time, heading direction between aircraft and mission route was quite different.
OK I will try do that.