VTOL detects mission is completed before it lifts-off

Dear @rroche and team,

I am having a trouble on my VTOL setup (PX4 v1.11.2), and kindly request your help.

Sometimes, it says that “Flight plan completed” when I start mission. It arms, and then directly disarms and gives this message. Because of this issue, it cannot even lift-off. I had a number of succesfull flights with this platform. From time to time, this error comes.

Here is the QGC screen recording.

And previously when this issue had happened, it resolved over night. The following day everything was as expected without any change from my side.

Update from 27/04/2021:

I changed a few parameters related to the idle throttle of multirotor and fixed-wing side and it helped taking-off:

  • VT_IDLE_PWM_MC: Full stop
  • PWM_MAIN_MIN5/6/7/8 (VTOL motors): Full stop
  • PWM_MAIN_MIN3 (Forward propulsion): Full stop

It turns out that, PX4 does not like the vibrations coming from the motors once the mission is started. Can it be related with cutoff frequencies of accelerometer and gyro? Because, recently I increased them from 7Hz to 15Hz

Can you please share logs from your flights? we might be able to help you with tuning, or have a few tips

Thank you Ramón!

Here are some unsuccessfull attempt logs:

And here is a succesfull takeoff log after I fully stopped the forward propulsion and vtol motors during spool-up time.