Undesirable yaw in quadcopter while taking off

I was facing undesirable yaw issue in my first flight with Quadcopter. We were holding the drone in hands while taking off because we wanted it to be sure that drone is stable before allowing it to fly without any restrictions. We made sure that quad is in level while holding the drone. moment we tried to take off , quad was just rotating around z axis .

Please find flight logs at below mentioned link

I suspected on GPS + Compass but same Compass I tried on different quad and it is stable.
Do you think motor mounting is issue?
Any help on this topic would be greatly appriciated


I believe I have a similar issue and think it’s related that my drone is out of balance. Once it’s in the air it’s ok but I see a similar effect when taking off. Not 100% sure though, needs testing.

Could it be for yours too?