Yaw rotation at take-off & unstable Position Mode

Hello, everybody.

Recently I built a quadcopter with PX4 1.8.2 firmware.
After several trial and errors, as of now, Stabilize and Alititude Mode are very satisfactory.
But there still are two problems. It would be very much appreciated if you could advise me what to do.

Frame : Daya 680 Quad
Motor : 4212, 400KV
ESC : 40A
Battery : 3S 10,000mah
Prop : 15"

  1. Yaw rotate at about 30 degree at take-off.
    But after take-off and compensation, yaw doesn’t show any drift.

  2. In position hold mode, the copter begins to circle very slowly, and the circle radius usually
    gets a little larger at every circulation

Thank you for your kind advice in advance.


Sounds like mag interference or bad mag calibration. Have a look here: PX4 enters into spiral while in hold mode

Thank you Julian.
I’ll follow your advice.

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