VTOL Airspeed failure and tecs tuning


I tested a new frame with v1.14. We a warning of airspeed failure, it is not first time,
but before we have resolved this by making check it after 1 second to see if it is good to use. But this time it was off for around 30 seconds.

And my second point if you could help me tune the tecs for it. It is visible from the log that after transition it ascended and descended. What could cause this? Maybe my transition airspeed is low?


Hello I have same problem few days ago.
I just change ASPD_SCALE
I think you chane scale about 1.2-1.3
And turn off auto scale option when you flight for parameter

How will it affect the wind estimation? Wouldnโ€™t it create some dangerous situtations?

I donโ€™t have no problem anything
And do not disconnect airspped sensor

Thank you for your input, I will give it a try