Volantex ranger 757-4 VTOL Construction

QuadPlane uav project 2.0 Build on VTOL.
I have no place in the traditional way to get fly up and landing.
That’s why I started to build my machine.
The flying machine: Volantex ranger 757-4
The control system: Pixhawk PX4 2.4.8
Control system: QGC & telemetry 915Mhz
Immerson 8ch 433Mhz rx
ZTW Black Widow Brushless Motor
Battery: 4s 5200mah


The Pine Lath has proved to be a good stiffening.

The controller (ESC) is located under the motor.


Hover testing

@Peter_Papp Cool project!

Looking good. I did one with the 757-3.

  • Start high for your first FW transition. Mine had a tendency to dive during transition.
  • If memory serves me, I set my VT_B_REV_DEL to 4. This gave it more time to slow down during FW to MC transition before quad motors kicked in.
  • What version firmware are you using?

Good luck.