My first VTOL build

Hi guys
I have just joined, I am a novice in the drone world and this looks like the best place to ask for assistance with anything associated with drones and associated craft.
I am just starting to build a fixed wing drone kit from Hobby King and then adapt it to VTOL the kit is the AAI RQ-7 Shadow, I am putting together a list of kit I will need for this project, can someone advise the best flight controller? I have read that the Pixhawk pixracer px4 is a good choice, I would be grateful for any advice and guidance from anyone who has experience in this type of project, also if anyone can direct me to any previous posts that would assist me.
Thanks for looking guys.

I have ordered the same kit but from rcbazaar.
I am looking at the Pixhawk or Pixfalcon as a FC.
Also looking at the OV-10 Bronco as a VTOL unit. I have the cad files for a 42", don’t have enough wood on hand.
The E-Flite Convergence, look under “Airframe support” on home page, has already been done with a Pixfalcon.
Been waiting to see if full pitch is added for nacelles so hover is in all directions.
On Youtube there is a build sequence for the RQ-7 plus some of the problems they ran into.
Have fun.

I think we are going to have to do it with 3 motors on the RQ-7 Shadow. A few months back there were posts on the Osprey dealing with code but none sense. I am going to order a kk2.1.5 with Openaerovtol just to see if the Shadow
will hover in VTOL, with my nacelle design. Hope your project is going good.