Virtual Joystick - Pitch/Throttle gets stuck at extremes

Hello all.

Wondering if someone can shed some light on a recent crash I just had. I was playing around with the features of QGroundControl for android and I had turned on the virtual joystick and didn’t turn it off. I took off hovered in guided for a while and switched the mode on my RC remote to alt-hold and it took off full speed ahead and crashed into the trees.

After some digging I see it’s mainly the virtual joystick that caused the problem. Iif I take my finger off the joystick the vertical axis doesn’t automatically re-center. It does this on the pitch and the throttle controls. The horizontal (roll, yaw) does re-center properly.

The joystick controls jump around when I’m touching them too, which doesn’t seem right. Not sure if this an issue with just my tablet but thought before someone else’s drone is damaged too I would make a note of it

Other than this love the program! I am running ardupilot on the drone and QGroundControl was just installed today from the google store.

The throttle doesn’t automatically center because if it did that there would be no way to arm the vehicle. Since it won’t arm with the throttle in the center. And you can’t drag the throttle down with your finger and then pick Arm from the toolbar at the same time.

I’ll see if I can figure out some other way to do this.

Yeah that makes sense for the throttle, same as an RC remote. Is there any reason for the pitch not to recenter? That was where I went wrong more than the throttle

Sorry I missed the part about pitch. That should re-center. If not, it’s a bug.

i have a question about how to Switching back and forth between RC and Joystick.
You seem to have solved the problem,could you give me some advise?
thank you!